The designers for
your business process transformation
your personal growth

The designers for
your business process transformation
your personal growth

Our consulting services

We optimize and transform the processes in your enterprise (ODT) and we are responsible for your personal growth (PDT)


Organizational Development & Transformation

We optimize and transform the managerial, business
and supporting processes in your enterprise

  • Optimization: improve a business process.
  • Transform: change and / or innovate an existing business process completly.


Personal Development & Transformation

We support you in your personal growth

We offer coaching and mentoring sessions in managing of: resilience, stress, career, leadership, communication, development of new work models and work & family management.


Resilience management: How can I develop the ability to adapt to change, and keep going despite the adversity?
Career management: How can I achieve my career goals?
Stress management: How can I deal with Stress? How can I prevent psychological stress?
Leadership management: How can I become a good “leader”?
Work & Family management: How can I get to the top even though I am a single parent with two children?
Development of new work model: How can I create new working models despite the pandemic developments? What kind?
Crisis- and conflict management: How should I manage my company in a crisis?
Communication management: How shoud I deal with paradox communication?

Target group

  • Private and public organizations
  • Entrepreneurs, managers, collaborators
  • Magistrates
  • Self-employed professionals and other independent professionals
  • Scholars, students, academics
  • Families and family members

What do we do as an
“Organizational Developer and Transformation (ODT) Expert”?

We align, optimize and/or transform the dysfunctional processes in your company. The processes, we talk about, can be managerial, business or supporting processes. Organizational Developer and Transformer work through all business area of the enterprise and are always sustained by the core specialist of each area. They never work alone. They need to know about “everything” about the enterprise: From the smallest structural problem arriving at the implementation of the newjest technology.A successful ODTer has to be a generalist and has to have gained knowledge through different studies and combine different skills. Curious to know more about the CV of an ODTer? Read our latest article on our blog

Why every firm should chose a Systemic Organization Development and Transformation consultant?

Because we optimize and / or transform your company from within and not as change management consultants with solutions from the outside.

Contrary to a change manger, an ODTer manager creates a transformation processes in an organization and doesn’t permit that the transformation processes is dictated only by the management but also influenced and shaped by the employees. ODTer work with a top-down and bottom-up approach which permits sustainable solutions to problems. By doing this they avoid the risk of laking acceptance, slaking off, costly implementation and improve the internal communication . A change process not only pushed by the top management but also from the organizations base is very important for firms in which, for example, the quality of the product depends on the performance of the employees.

We work with a systemic approach! Do you know how the systemic approach works in management consulting?

The systemic approach in management consultancy is an analysis method for developing and transforming complex systems like enterprises, by learning about the biosphere and its evolution.

For example, the systemic approach in management assumes that crisis (for example financial crisis) can be traced back to a lack of knowledge of self-organizing systems and to an inappropriate handling of them.

In order to overcome this condition, design and intervention rules for complex systems (like banks) have to be established.


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