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We are developing an application to improve the management of Alzheimer’s patients. Alzheimer’s disease is expected to become increasingly widespread in the coming years.

Project AlzheimerCare App

On the website of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health we learn that the WHO in its report “Dementia: a public health priority” “recognizes dementia as a known public health burden and calls for this problem to be treated as a real priority” ( ).

To date, there is no app to support the management of Alzheimer’s disease. The aim of our app is to shed light on Alzheimer’s disease from medical, legal, economic and psycho-social perspectives. The app will also have a chat room where family members can share their experiences of dealing with the disease.

The creation of this application will make it possible to identify the weak points on an economic, legal, health and psycho-social level, in order to then formulate programs to promote relief offers for family caregivers as well.

Our experience, with Alzheimer’s, shows the following, for example:

  1. Alzheimer’s is not easy to recognize. The watch test is a good first indication for early detection.
  2. There is no such thing as the Alzheimer’s type. Every person who develops Alzheimer’s is different from others.
  3. For family caregivers, the biggest challenges are:
    • Tackling emotional stress crises caused by constant stress, anxiety, living in uncertainty, lack of “work-life balance”, lack of consistent support, little backup, etc.
    • Caregiving is increasingly complicated by the necessary and high level of interpretation, in terms of the needs and complaints of the ill person, that the caregiver has to make.
    • Economic hardship and career losses

    Carers need much more support to cope with the multiple crises they face. Most of the time, it is the family caregivers who suffer from the illness of their loved one, more than the person themselves. Further relief services for family members from financial, legal, organizational, medical and psycho-social perspectives are needed.

  4. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that has been developing in the body of the sufferer for 5 to 10 years at the time of diagnosis.
  5. During these 5 to 10 years before, legal, financial and psycho-social damage can be caused unknowingly by the person affected. In this context, the legal and economic regulations for the protection of those suffering from Alzheimer’s should be tightened up, among other things, the contractual limitation periods should be lifted. In our app, you will read about the types of problems that arise and how to deal with them.
  6. The care of someone with Alzheimer’s is particularly difficult, from a psycho-social perspective, in stages 3 to 4 on 5 according to the Critical Dementia Rating Scale (CDR). Many people with Alzheimer’s disease systematically deny the disease before reaching stage 3.
  7. Care costs increase as the disease progresses. Care at home is usually less expensive than care in a home. In our app you will see the price differences per phase.
  8. The person suffering from Alzheimer’s is a “barometer of feelings”. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s communicate through and with emotions. The more care, support and security they feel, the less stressed they are. Alzheimer’s sufferers are in a state of permanent stress because they no longer understand the world in which they live.
  9. The presence of a family member is central to a less radical course of the disease.
  10. There is a shortage of qualified staff to support family carers in the care of an Alzheimer’s patient.

Find out more in our application.


It is possible to participate in this project as a sponsor at different levels:

  1. Sponsors who offer financial support of more than 10,100 euros for the project will:
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    • receive 6 free consultations in the areas of occupational health management and personality development until the end of the project.
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