Prophylaxis & Re-integration

Kernen (2014) assumes that the well-being and thus the success of the company depends on the interpersonal relationships that arise in the workplace environment.
According to Kernen, interpersonal relationships “reduce work-related stress, increase well-being and enhance employee performance” (Kernen, 2014: 213).

Following Kernen (2014), a balance between health and performance pressure can therefore be achieved in the company if interpersonal behaviour is promoted. Often the establishment of interpersonal relationships is  disrupted in the workplace by too much stress.

When stress becomes chronic, it leads to burn-out.

Our mission is to develop intervention tools for the prevention of burn-out in the in the company, so that:

  • absenteeism does not become a cost driver for the company
  • illnesses and incapacities do not reduce productivity
  • internal knowledge in the company doesn’t get lost

We are also happy to provide advice for the reintegration of employees who have passed burn-out.


Kernen, H., Meier, G., (2014). Beware of burn-out! Performance and health through resource management. Bern: Haupt.

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