Verbal and nonverbal communication is the basis of every human relationship and thus also of a company’s success.

A very important issue for us is the communication of emotions in the working relationship, because talking and sharing emotions can reduce work-related stress; therefore, we encourage our clients to deal with their emotions and support a culture of sharing emotions in the company.

In professional life, many conflicts can be traced back to dysfunctional communication that leads to missed goals.

Together we try to understand how to communicate in a constructive and healthy way or how to avoid “paradoxical communication.”

Examples of questions clients come to our consultations with:

  • How can I communicate constructively?
  • How can I communicate my decisions without hurting?

Examples of questions clients come to our coaching sessions with:

  • How can I avoid communicating in a paradoxical way?
  • How can I harness empathy and sensitivity in the workplace?

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