Mediation is a process of conflict resolution through the intervention of an impartial third party.

Through targeted advice on how to develop your mediation skills, you will find interesting insights into how to manage and resolve conflicts in a more self-determined, cost-effective and sustainable way.

There are different types of conflicts within a company, some of which are mentioned below.

Conflicts in the field of labor law

How to manage conflicts:

  • between employer and employee
  • between management and the works council
  • between the management board and the supervisory board
  • between superiors and colleagues
  • between employees themselves
  • in company disputes relating to collective agreements, co-management, restructuring
  • in cases of transfer of business
  • in cases of bullying in the workplace
  • conflicts in the context of corporate law

Conflicts in the context of corporate law

How to handle conflicts

  • between suppliers and customers
  • in cases of customer complaints
  • in conflicts between shareholders and at management level
  • in conflicts in family businesses, business succession
  • in cases of liability and warranty
  • in conflicts with subcontractors
  • in franchising
  • Intellectual property law (e.g., competition disputes, trademarks, patents)

Conflicts between business partners and competitors

How to handle conflicts

  • in mergers, company transfers
  • insolvencies

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