Work-life balance


We live in a work culture that allows few interruptions; therefore, there is a risk that workers feel overburdened with anxieties and worries because they cannot find a work-life balance, a life that in turn can bring numerous difficulties.

With our counseling and coaching, we want to offer our clients a place where they can reflect on their difficulties and find the right strategy for work-life balance.

In particular, we specialize in offering support to workers who have to take on parenting, caregiving and support administration roles.

Examples of client questions in the counseling area:

  • How can I become a partner in my company even if I have children?
  • I am a daughter, caregiver, assistant, mother and business executive, I can’t do it all anymore. I need to slow down but I don’t know how…

Examples of questions from coaching clients:

  • I have learned to pay attention to work-life balance, but I am constantly at risk of falling back into old patterns. What can I do to prevent this from happening?.

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